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About Me

Growing up in rural Louisiana, the calm serene countryside left an indelible mark on my future inspiration. And coming from a long line of family who work with their hands, it made sense that my future would lie in forming natural elements. My upbringing has formed my style into an unfussy, soothing, and languid approach that pleases the eye by not letting it become lifeless, much like when you pause to visually take in the beautiful countryside. As a young adult, out of high school, I jumped straight into carpentry. Working in the country, in small towns all over South Louisiana, I found joy in the work and was in my element. After Hurricane Katrina, I really started to build an expertise in carpentry by renovating homes in New Orleans.

With a proficient set of skills gained by working for others, and even in the art department for various music festivals, I started to long for more challenging and creative projects. This inclination brought me to The University of Louisiana where I originally majored in Sculpture. But after seeing a Sam Maloof rocking chair during research for a school project, my passion for sculpted furniture was born. I realized where my skill set could integrate into my passion for compelling sculpture. I quickly switched my major to Industrial Design with a focus on wooden sculpted furniture and my portfolio matured each year.

Upon Graduation, I was selected by Ford Motor Company in Dearborn Michigan for their selective internship as a Design Modeler. After the internship I was offered a position, which I accepted. During my four years with Ford, I hand sculpted clay models of a variety of different cars in production. Clay modeling in this position called for meticulousness and precision. A millimeter off, on any given surface line, could be caught from across the room. I greatly enjoyed the challenging position as a clay modeler and my passion for cleanly sculpted forms grew along with my skill set.

My wife and I grew our family and enjoyed the comfort and security of my corporate job. But my calling never left, I continually worked on pieces of furniture in my downtime. As my need for creativity grew along with missing family and my home state, the time to answer my calling came. I moved back to Louisiana with my wife as a teammate and we quickly threw ourselves into action; Designing and producing furniture that straddles the line between sculpture and woodworking. The space where art meets craft is where I find my work coalesce.

Since beginning this endeavor to cultivate my creativity and build it into a career, I began to truly understand surfaces in new ways and find joy in challenging myself to accomplish new sculpting techniques. The rich colors and textures of wood, my proclivity towards freely moving forms, and soothing elegant lines are all pulled from my upbringing in the country. The lush cypress swamps, meandering creeks and bayous, the way air and water affect the form of each organic object- these are seen in each piece if you look close enough.

With clients all over south Louisiana, I am lucky enough to be given creative license by each of my customers. I find my greatest joy in the process of creating a piece and am honored at the opportunity in continuing to create work. 

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